This foundation was started in Memory of our Loving Daughter Kelli Richmond by parents Ron and Patsy Richmond. Kelli was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer October 23, 2009 after 9 months of all the basic symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. It never crossed her gynecologist's mind in those 9 months of irregular pap smears and 3 trips to the emergency room with back and stomach pains that Kelli might have Ovarian Cancer. After Kelli's 3rd trip to the emergency room my wife Patsy demanded Kelli have an Ultra Sound done. The Doctor said the Utra Sound showed Kelli had a cyst on one of her ovaries. Early Friday morning October 23, 2009 Kelli was to have the cyst removed by out patient surgery and go home. About 20 minutes into the surgery Patsy and I were called in with the doctor to tell us that Kelli had Stage III Ovarian Cancer and that she would need surgery followed by chemo treatments.

During Kelli's 2 1/2 year battle with Ovarian Cancer she did everything she could to help women of all ages to be aware they should get an Utra Sound with their yearly pap smear. We believe that if Kelli would have gotten an Ultra Sound done when she had her first irregular pap smear she would be with us today. In addition to being an advocate of getting ultra sounds done, Kelli was very concerned about what underprivelged people did for new clothes while undergoing cancer treatment. Most patients gain and lose weight during treatments and they need new clothes from time to time. One time while taking a chemo treatment, Kelli noticed a woman who had a skirt pinned up for it to fit. Kelli told her mother how lucky she was to be able to afford new clothes during her weight fluxuation. She told her mother that when she got better she would start a place where all women cancer patients can get clothes that fit for FREE. She said, "I will call it Kelli's Kloset." Unfortunately Kelli didn't live to make her dream come true.

The foundation opened Kelli's Kloset Saturday June 7th 2014!  Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays from 10 am – 4 pm.  We are always looking for VOLUNTEERS to help out at the store during store hours. Our first goal which we started October 2013, is a monthly Birthday Wish for cancer patients. We have given numerous birthday wishes since October 2013. See our Monthy Birthday Wish page. To find out more about Kelli Richmond see the Kelli's Stories page.