Kelli's Cancer Foundation

This foundation was started in Memory of our Loving Daughter Kelli Richmond.Kelli was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer October 23, 2009 after 9 months of all the basic symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. It never crossed her gynecologist's mind in those 9 months of irregular pap smears and 3 trips to the emergency room with back and stomach pains that Kelli might have Ovarian Cancer. Read More

Monthly Birthday Wishes

When we were trying to decide what the foundation could do for ovarian cancer patients, we remembered that 80% of of ovarian cancer patients only live for an average of 2 years from the time they are diagnosed. The main reason for the short life expectancy is that most ovarian cancer patients aren’t diagnosed until their cancer is Stage 3 or 4 because there is no test for ovarian cancer. Kelli had 3 birthdays during her 2 1/2 year illness and she cherished each one. We can remember where we celebrated all of them. That’s why we started the monthly birthday wishes.

Kelli's Kloset is is closed until further notice.

Please help us to help others by clicking the link below to donate to the Kelli's Cancer Foundation or call (225) 907-2273 or email All money donated will go toward funding Kelli's Kloset & monthly birthday wishes.

Honorary Founders: Dr. Dex Harrison, Bill Jackson & Renee’ Roberts